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MAIA is a Maori term that means to be brave, courageous and capable.  


MAIA is also the goddess of growth in roman mythology. 

MAIA Psychology and the MAIA Method based on this ethos 


I am excited to be offering our MAIA community a number of ways to meaningfully work on your wellbeing.  MAIA courses, workshops and events are designed to help you align your body, mind and heart in the direction of your growth. 


My hope is to challenge the status quo and break the mould of one on one therapy as the predominant way in which people seek help and gather resources.  You can still see me for a consult online or at my headquarters in Palm Beach, however you will also have access to a growing library of online courses, podcasts, workshops and events.  I want the MAIA community to have a number of opportunities to heal, learn and grow that are tailored to your circumstances and time frames.   


You can find more details about how you can work with me here, but first, it is important for me to share a bit about who who I am and why I chose the name MAIA for my practice.   

MAIA, at it's core, represents the bravery that each client displays showing up in the direction of their growth.  We acknowledge the first session seems like the beginning of a journey to us, however for many clients there was a long path with many pit stops and twists before they committed to seeking therapy.  Our clients have gone through a process of facing challenges, wondering whether they need to seek help, talking to their supports, researching where to get support and going through a referral process before they even engage with our practice.  We acknowledge this process and remain inspired by the brave choices people make to work on their wellbeing.   

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