Session are generally 50 minutes on a weekly/fortnightly or monthly basis (depending on your needs).  The first one to two sessions are assessment based to help develop a clear understanding of your current issues and strengths and collaboratively develop a plan forward.  Therapy often lasts for a minimum of 12 sessions and can be longer depending on your requirements. 


One on one work is not limited to the session, our therapists spend time outside of sessions gathering resources, planning therapy and liaising with referrers (where appropriate).  For you, therapy will be most effective if you think about the commitment being a few hours per session as well.  We are skills based therapists, meaning that every session we share resources from the latest in neuropsychology, positive psychology and thought leaders for you to dig deeper and practice the skills between sessions.  Think of therapy as one hour with us and a couple of hours on top doing self guided learning or working on resources we share with you after each session. 

This way you should see deeper and longer lasting changes in your life.   


In early 2021 Dr Mel will be offering the first 3 month programme based on the MAIA METHOD.  Clients will go on a therapeutic intensive to dive deep into the work they need to do to recalibrate their bodies and align their minds and hearts. 


The programme will take clients through the MAIA method toolkit that includes weekly session, online resources and group sessions.  This journey will be for a limited number of clients and the first of it’s kind on offer at MAIA. Please message us here to be put on the waitlist and find out more over the coming months.