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MAIA is a Maori term that means to be brave, courageous and capable. 


MAIA is also the goddess of growth in roman mythology.

Our team is based on this ethos

MAIA has a special meaning for us as a team.  The word is not used lightly and was bestowed upon our practice consciously.  Our principal psychologist is Maori and understands that the use of this name infuses the practice with values, responsibilities and rights.  

MAIA is also the name of Mel's daughter.  Mel wanted to create a space where Maia will be surrounded in conversations about worth, wellbeing and growth that are not influenced by pop psychology, social media and wider societal pressures that young women (and men for that matter) experience from a very young age.  

MAIA, at it's core, represents the bravery that each client displays showing up for their first session.  We acknowledge the first session seems like the beginning of a journey to us, however for many clients there was a long path with many pit stops and twists before they end up in our rooms.  Our clients have gone through a process of facing challenges, wondering whether they need to seek help, talking to their supports, researching where to get support and going through a referral process, all before they walk through our door.  We acknowledge this process and remain inspired by the brave choices people make to work on their wellbeing.  

All of our therapists share a similar values base while maintaining unique approaches to therapy.  Please see below to read more about team at MAIA.  



Maia creates therapeutic experiences for people to reconnect to themselves, their workplaces and communities. 

We exist for open minded people and organisations who want to work with us collaboratively to find creative solutions. 

Our focus is on rewiring neurological pathways that get us stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and doing. 



Our  vision is for MAIA to grow into a thriving therapeutic and educational community. 

We inspire to activate our community to become agents of change in their own lives.  



The health of all connections is defined by your connection to self.


Satisfying the basic human need to belong and be included. We want to hear all voices at the table.


Challenging the status quo.


Growth is both a science and an art.


Creating a safe space for people to open up and share their story.



At MAIA we want to change the relationship people have with therapy.


Our purpose is to support our community to find growth opportunities within their own story in order to live and make decisions from the heart that feel good. 

We stand against the idea that people need to be "fixed" by treatment and see people as whole, not broken.

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