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This course was put together by our therapists during the early phase of lock-downs in Australia in April 2020.  We were all working from home, supporting our clients (and ourselves) to adjust to zoom sessions.  It felt like a wave was on the horizon and had suddenly hit us, we had no choice but to try and swim through the surging swell threatening to consume us, our daily lives and the people we work with.   


Within sessions we noticed significant amounts of stress and anxiety, grief and loss and, at times, trauma adjusting to the acute and sudden changes that were not only happening in our own lives but globally.  The director Mel was home schooling her two young children, all of our therapists have family overseas or interstate and felt suddenly cut off, our clients were grappling with immediate pivots to keep businesses afloat and on top of that we were worried about our loved ones getting the virus, especially those more vulnerable.   

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In a total contrast, for some of our clients (and at times in our own lives) we noticed a real sense of re-calibration.  Slowing down, spending quality time in the home and getting into a more simple rhythm was having a positive impact on areas of mental health and well-being that had felt stretched for a long time.  We started to prioritise things differently on a community level and at MAIA we noticed that shift. 


As a team, we decided to develop a short course available for free to our clients and MAIA community online.  The course is designed to support you to cope with life’s challenges during COVID. 

We didn’t want to give you a teaser video and ask for further payment to do the full course during a time like this, it didn’t seem appropriate.  




So here it is. 

Each video was made at home largely on our smart phones with no funding so please excuse the quality of the audio-visual.  Our therapists have drawn from their areas of interest and specialty to give you some skills and resources to COPE DURING COVID.   


The course consists of 4 modules. 

Each module has a video and self guided resources 

to fill out in your own time and deepen your learning from the video. 

We hope you benefit from this course and welcome any

feedback by clicking here



Grief and loss during COVID


This video aims to demystify what you have been told about grief and loss by explaining how to navigate the “I am okay” and “I am not okay moments”. 


The supplementary handout supports you to develop your own unique plan to navigate the oscillation between these states. 


Many clients feel like they are on a roller coaster ride and in some ways that is the territory we are navigating during COVID. 


This module helps you to navigate the ups and downs with skill and compassion.   



Self Care during COVID 


Self care isn’t always just a bath or having a cup of tea.  Self care is multifaceted and includes workplace self care, financial self care and relationships self care. 


Within this video Rebecca shares what self care really is and how we can translate this into our lives in 2020. 


The supplementary handouts support you to develop your own self care plan unique to your life and circumstances. 



Mindfulness and meditation during COVID 


We hear about mindfulness all the time, it is a popular buzz word in psychology however how do we REALLY incorporate it into our lives in a meaningful way? 


And does it sometimes feel like it is another chore we are not getting around to? 


Rhianna shares a very practical and personal way in which you can make mindfulness and meditation yours. 


The handout provides you with some simple tips on grounding and how this aspect of mindfulness can set a useful and effective foundation for your practice.   



Tapping through COVID


Within this module Wendy introduces EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a body based way of working on unconscious emotions, beliefs and thinking patterns that can emerge during times of stress.  EFT is self directed and practical. 


After watching the video and exploring the supplementary handout you will be equipped to start to use tapping as a grounding technique during the “I am not okay” moments as we adjust to life in times of COVID restrictions and adjustments.   



Remember this course is to support the MAIA community however it is not therapy. If you are really struggling please do get in touch or seek out a therapist to work with you through these times.  Everyone struggles on some level through COVID, no-one is immune to the mental health effects of such acute and global changes.  We are all part of a common humanity.  Supporting each other and sharing our struggles is an important part of our resilience. 

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