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Our communities, families and workplaces are adjusting to new ways of being in the world. 

Knowing our values, staying connected and looking after ourselves is critical at this time. 





As we start to move into greater social contact and adjust to new ways of living and working we are seeing a few different issues with our clients.  Some clients don't feel ready to come out of their social distancing bubble, the world is getting back on track mighty fast and some feel the need to pump the brakes.  Others are just starting to come to terms with the impact on their health, work and communities.  All of these experiences can cause a grief and loss response.  This is totally normal and in fact healthy.  Moving through grief and loss and adjustment will be part of the landscape for months to come for many.  You are not alone.  

MAIA understands that over the past few months the regulations and recommendations around COVID-19  Virus are updated daily and many are confused regarding what to do around social distancing, prevention and self-care.  Our priority is your wellbeing physically, emotionally and mentally during such uncertain times. 





Please be conscious about your consumption of media.  Many news vendors are profiting off fear at the moment.  Informed, balanced information can be hard to come by regarding how to navigate the waters ahead of all of us.  Checking governmental websites, listening to or watching ABC and other reputable sites is recommended.  However once a day or every couple of days is all that is needed to stay updated.  


We have included some information below. and will update our website and social media with resources to support you and those you care about to stay informed.  







All current and new clients have the option to do session via a zoom meeting online.  This means that clients who choose to socially distance at a level that suits them can access sessions in the safety of their own home.  MAIA is able to see clients from anywhere in the world via Zoom link.





We are encouraging our clients to opt for social distancing as it seems to be the most effective method for slowing down the spread of the virus as well as the load on the public health system.  This includes the following:


  • Avoiding large gatherings;


  • Isolating if you have even mild symptoms;


  • Isolating for the recommended period of you have been diagnosed;


  • Isolating if you know someone who has been diagnosed; and


  • Being aware of hygiene when in public, washing hands, hand sanitizer and don’t touch mouth, eyes or nose.  Masks are only effective to stop you from touching your face and should be used if you have symptoms only.


Social distancing is not just about protecting ourselves but also reduces risk for our elderly as well as most vulnerable members of our population.  In our books, social distancing is an act of love, not an act of fear.  






There is no shame in contracting the COVID-19 virus.   Reach out to us and we will offer online support to help you navigate the fears and isolation.





Your ongoing self-care and mental health is one of the most important pillars of well-being to get through this period of time.  If you want to socially distance, we can Skype/zoom/ telephone you in the comfort of your own home for your session.  If you need help setting up Skype or zoom please call reception and we will be happy to help you. 


If your income reduces significantly because of the economic effect of COVID-19, call us, please do not cancel because you can’t afford it, we want our clients to continue to get support.  Together, we will work something out for you. 


If you have any questions or concerns please call us, no question will be considered silly or unreasonable.  During times like these we want you to communicate and not be ashamed to ask, if we don’t have the answers we will try to connect you with resources and support that does. 












































Some examples that we are integrating in our own homes and practices are:


  • Defining our top 3 values to navigate this period of time and think of how we can uphold them.  Mine are: health, community and grounding. 


  • Changing up how we exercise (think yoga on the lawn or online videos, group tik tok sessions at home)


  • Shopping at our local farmers markets, they are open air and we are supporting local small business.  Online shopping where possible.


  • Limiting the real estate COVID-19 gets in our lives.  Continue to talk about other things, only google reputable sites and give yourself a COVID-19 update time each day (only 30 minutes) instead of unconsciously scrolling all day.


  • Ground yourself.  Use the extra time to slow down, become mindful, sit in the sun and have a cup of tea, play a board game with your loves ones, make that phone call to a relative or friend or do some grounding breathing exercises.


  • Be mindful of our elderly and other vulnerable populations.  What can we all do to increase the safety, health and well-being of people who will be most at risk during this time. 


  • Eat well, drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep.  This will all help with immunity too.





Please call us, check out our social media and our website for details. 


We are here as a support for our community through this time and are happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Our mantra at MAIA is to “stay calm and be responsive”.


Remember these times can strengthen our community or weaken it, lets all work together to make sure it is the former outcome.  There are two images that represent our collective response.  One is people fighting over toilet paper in shopping aisles, another is the moving image of Italians signing out of their windows in solidarity with each other.  This represents a scale of how our communities could respond, please let us all be at the end of the scale that is true to our values and strengthens us all. 












Upgraded hygiene practices at MAIA

We have developed a policy for hygiene at MAIA in compliance with recent Queensland Health best practice guidelines  Rooms and surfaces are cleaned with antibacterial grade cleaner 3 x per day.  We will have some hand sanitizer available at reception (until stocks run out) and  keep windows open in reception and ‘in session’ to keep fresh air circulating throughout our practice. 


Please bring your own sanitizer if you have it as we have very limited stock.  We have also found a recipe for making sanitizer at home you may want to try out (all readily available on shelves).  We don’t know if this is scientifically proven, it may be your best option if you have no others:


Mix aloe vera gel with one of the following: 

  • Tea tree oil;

  • eucalyptus oil; or

  • hydrogen peroxide


Panic and fear are going to be natural responses at times especially given the increasing restrictions placed on our day to day lives.  Psychological support is going to helpful through this period of time.  


The media may be causing anxiety as a result of the following factors:


  • Making people hypervigilant, constantly looking around for threats


  • Causing ruminating thoughts about COVID-19 , think of your mind as real estate and now ask how much real estate has COVID-19  taken up in my head?

  • Not engaging in previously enjoyed activities, many of us, including me, are opting to not to the gym and group classes/ sports have been cancelled in many areas.


  • Changes in trust and sense of safety or danger within our community


All of the above can trigger or worsen already existing mood related issues.  The above measures aren’t predicted to change for the foreseeable future in fact we can expect further restrictions in the coming weeks.  At MAIA we will be sharing coping strategies for our clients to stay well despite the restrictions on our social participation and wellbeing.


The Maia Team

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