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How do I book an appointment?  

You can either call 0412 010 371 or email our reception to set up an appointment.    

How long is a session?  

Each session is 50 minutes long.  Do leave the full hour free as you will need time to do your follow up appointments and payment.  

Where are you?  

We are located in the heart of Palm Beach with easy access from the Gold Coast Highway and the M1.  Our offices are private, warm and welcoming and there is easy parking on premise and on the street.  

Do I need a referral to see a psychologist?  

You do not have to have a referral to see a psychologist.  A mental health care plan referral from your GP makes you eligible for a rebate from Medicare.  Without the referral your sessions are conducted the exact same way as if you had one.  


How does the mental health care plan work?  

The mental health care plan provided by your GP entitles you to 6 sessions with a psychologist.  After that first six sessions you are eligible to return to your GP for a mental health care plan review, this will give you access to a further 4-6 sessions.  Medicare will cover a maximum of 10 sessions per calendar year.  The mental health care plans are valid for 2 years from the date it was prepared.  


What is the cost of a session?  


Mel charges a fee of $250 per session. The Medicare rebate is $128.40 so your out of pocket expense is $121.60 to see her.   


How does Medicare work?  

To access a rebate from Medicare for psychological therapy you will need a referral from your GP called a mental health care plan.  After your session you pay the full fee and our receptionist will do an online Medicare Claim for you.  Within 24 hours Medicare will transfer the funds into your Medicare registered bank account.  


Can I use my private health insurance?  

Depending on your insurer and your level of coverage it may be worth giving them a call to find out.  We do not have the HICAPS facility at our practice so we can not process private health claims here.  You would get a printed paid receipt to claim directly from your insurance company.   

Can I do sessions online?  

Yes, you can.  We offer sessions via Zoom.  You can request any session to be online.  The pricing and rebate is the same.  Our receptionist will set up the zoom meeting for you, all you need to do is click on the link to see your psychologist.   


How many sessions will I need?  

Therapy is based on our client’s individual needs.  You may find that you only need a few sessions to feel better or this could be a long term commitment for you.  Here at MAIA Psychology we like to get our clients to surpass the point of surviving into a model of thriving.   

I am worried about my first appointment what should I do?  

You made the first and most crucial step of scheduling your initial appointment. Sometimes making that first appointment is the hardest part.  Some people find it helpful to write some notes for the first session with some goals or issues they would most like to address.  You can bring a support person to wait with you if that will make you more comfortable.  Remember, most people are anxious about their first session, you are not alone.  Our receptionist and therapist will support you to feel more relaxed, let us know if you are worried and we are willing to support you in a way that is meaningful to you.   

I don’t think my issues are severe enough for therapy what should I do?


There are no issues too small to work on.  In fact, some of the best work is done when the underlying metal health issues have been addressed and our clients are wanting to work on enhancing their wellbeing or increasing their potential.   

What does it look like working with a therapist? 

You will meet your therapist for the first time at your assessment session.  Your therapist will gain some information about what you want to work on and get to know you better.  At the end of your first session you will develop a path forward together that often includes the therapeutic goals you want to work on.  Therapy is most effective when appointments are initially made on a regular basis (determined by you and your therapist) and you have time/commitment to doing the therapeutic learning between sessions.  Remember, therapy is your space so you get to define how you use it as well.  Let your therapist know what you want to do and what ways of learning best suit you, we will tailor sessions to your needs.   

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