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Our goal is to support you to cope with life’s challenges in a conscious, self -directed manner that capitalises on your strengths and addresses your weaknesses to help you realise your full potential.


MAIA is an integrative psychology space that creates therapeutic experiences including therapy, training and events. Our aim is to support the growing MAIA community to develop skills to cope with life’s challenges in a conscious, self-directed manner in order to reach our full potential.  Our multidisciplinary team weaves both the ART and SCIENCE of psychology to deliver evidence based practices in a creative, authentic and holistic manner.



Why we do what we do…


When you come to see us the big WHY behind what we do is that we are extremely passionate about supporting people realise their potential.  As psychologists we are often asked “isn’t it hard to listen to people’s problems all day?”  In fact, it is the exact opposite, being witness to someone’s story and a part of their journey of self -development is both inspiring and energising. 



Our philosophy on wellbeing…


HOW do you plan to deliver on your passions we hear you say?


Well we have thought hard about our philosophy on wellbeing.  This is NOT a list of buzz words and company values that sit on a website for people to browse over.  We actually see the world through this lens and live our own lives in this manner, it is part of who we are, so it is very easy to extend these values into the work that we do:


Personal not clinical:  For each client we create bespoke therapeutic experiences.  Our approach is homely, warm and inviting (think sitting around with a cup of tea) while remaining private, confidential and professional.  

The art and science of therapy:  Our therapists are all trained in the latest neuroscience, mindfulness and positive psychology interventions and practice holistic living, so don't be surprised if we have salt lamps, drums, aromatherapy and inspiration cards scattered around our offices alongside our text books.  We deeply believe that human connection is fluid, flexible and evolves over time, the art of growth work is grounded in being human.




























Our sessions are tailored to each individual however the principles below apply across the board:


  • The most important relationship to nurture is the one you have with yourself.  The health of all other relationships are defined by how you treat yourself first and foremost.


  • Principles of vulnerability, authenticity and self-compassion can help guide an improved relationship to self.


  • Wellbeing is not a destination but an active process through which you become aware of, and make choices towards, a more balanced life.


  • Because of various social and cultural shifts (social media, general media) “happiness” has become an idealised product that many people cannot achieve and maintain.


  • A more realistic aspiration is to lead a purposeful, rich and meaningful life that is guided by your unique core values.


  • Wellbeing is multi-dimensional and includes community, environment and culture.






































When you come to MAIA we use a variety of evidenced based therapies to support your journey such as:


  • MiCBT:  Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Narrative Therapy

  • EFT - emotional freedom technique

  • Trauma Counselling

  • Schema Therapy

  • Grief counselling

  • Mindfulness based therapies

Brene brown once said:


“Our sense of worthiness – that critical piece that gives us access to love and belonging – lives inside our story.”


Challenging the

status quo:

Self limiting beliefs that lie in our subconscious can influence how we think, feel and act without our conscious awareness.  Our work with clients digs deep into these beliefs we pick up along the way.   

At MAIA, we support clients to challenge these beliefs and, in turn, challenge many aspects of what society has taught us about what it means to be worthy.  

When you come to MAIA we use a variety of evidenced based therapies to support your journey

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