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What lights you up about psychology/working with psychologists?

I have always viewed helping people as fulfilling and I find organising rewarding, so that is why I am in an administration/service role.  Working for psychologists is pretty great.  There is not a more understanding bunch of people to be employed by. 

I really enjoy being witness to our clients growth and evolution, seeing the changes in their affect as they progress with therapy is really lovely. Plus working with psychologists has allowed me my own personal growth.  I like to joke about getting my own personal therapy each week just by being around our clinicians.


What pisses you off and why?

Being a people pleaser, I like to give everyone what they want, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out like that.  


What are your top 3 values you bring as a receptionist?





What was a pivotal moment for you as a receptionist?

When I realised that I was the first contact for people who were suffering with their mental health.  That the way I handled their initial contact was how they would view psychology and specifically your practice until they saw their psychologist.  I was aware of just how much of an impact being helpful and empathetic would make to someone who is scared or worried about making that first contact.  It can be so confronting for people to call/email that the least I could do was make their experience pleasant.


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