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Psychologist, meditation teacher, dancer…the list goes on. 


What lights you up about being a psychologist? 


Sharing in people’s journey’s and real human-ness, connecting heart to heart and being a catalyst for change and deep transformation within people so they can access their own power and true potential.  


















What pisses you off about being a psychologist? 


There’s no escaping my own shit! Often my client’s “stuff” mirror’s my own “stuff”. So, it forces me to do the work on myself constantly. I say it pisses me off, but ultimately, I’m grateful for it. Let’s call it a love/hate relationship shall we?! J  


What are your top 3 values you bring to being a psychologist? 


  • Integrity 

  • Transparency  

  • Heart Connection 










































Because to do the deep work you need a real connection.  Trust and openness are vitally important to being vulnerable enough to do the work and create change.   


What was a pivotal moment of learning for you as a psychologist?  


My biggest moments of learning have always been when I’ve undergone therapy myself. Seeing and experiencing therapy from the client perspective has been my biggest teacher and has levelled me up as a therapist in a way that official training never could. 

The moments I hold closest to my heart are seeing and feeling that light change in client’s eyes when they have the “aha” moment.  I also cherish the occasions when client’s come in for a session purely to chat about the good things they are currently experiencing and to say goodbye for now because they feel ready to fly on their own. It’s the best feeling.  



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