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Blades of Grass
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Hi, my name is Rhianna, but you can call me Rhi.  I am a registered Psychologist and Meditation teacher.  I have recently moved to the Gold Coast from Sydney to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and to be closer to family.


Regardless of your situation, I see you as someone who is whole, complete — not broken, or in need of fixing. I understand that you are an individual and aim to support you by identifying your unique strengths so that you feel within yourself the confidence to overcome life’s challenges.


By working together, I hope to provide you with a space where you feel free to explore your thoughts and feelings and feel safe to express your fears as well as your dreams.

I understand wholeheartedly that the idea of reaching out for help and in seek of change—especially that from within—can feel incredibly daunting, and I am here to help encourage, support and guide the transformative change that you desire for your life.


I work holistically with clients, incorporating evidence based practice with my interest and knowledge of alternative health care, astrology and spirituality.I am experienced in Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT), a program developed by Dr. Bruno Cayoun, Clinical Psychologist and researcher.  In sessions, clients develop skills in relaxation, awareness and emotional regulation in order to identify the early onset of distress and anxiety cues, and the ability to deal with them in the present moment.


The benefits of MiCBT include:


   - Increased connection to self and others

   - Understanding the distinction between you and your thoughts

   - The difference between responding vs. reacting

   - Effective communication skills

   - Assertiveness training

   - Increased peace, acceptance and gratitude

   - Increased self-efficacy

   - Increased self-worth

   - Decreased stress and anxiety levels

   - Better insight to values, priorities and goals.


Being an MiCBT practitioner has given me the tools to assist those going through transitions who feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and directionless.  These tools support clients to find purpose and meaning and make transformative changes towards health and happiness.  


I specialise in working with adults, and have a particular interest in addressing issues related to:

   - Stress/Anxiety management

   - Career Purpose

   - Relationships

   - Self-Esteem

   - Communication Assertiveness training

   - Navigating change

   - Grief

   - Anger management


If you have questions, or require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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