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Avid reader, lover of the ocean and doer of all the PD available  


What lights you up about being a psychologist? 

I love those “ah-ha” light bulb moments my clients have when we are in session! Also the ability to help them on their journey to healing. Having the ability to care for and hear others stories is such a wonderful gift.  


What pisses you off about being a psychologist? 

Probably the degree. Even though I had such wonderful lecturers and tutors, I feel as though the degree does not set you up to be a Psychologist. It is only through my own professional development, supervision and mentorship that I have become the psychologist that I am today. However... I also feel as though this inner work I have done since my degree has been a very positive and game-changing experience. 


What are your top 3 values you bring to being a psychologist? 

  • Compassion 

  • Patience 

  • Passion for learning 



I actually had about 5 values (the other 2 people trustworthy and a solid ethical core) however I felt that my top 3 of covered the other 2. I want to create a space for clients where they can open up, be themselves, be vulnerable, and be able to grow as the individual that they are. This can take time, and a compassionate space. I also just love to learn and keep up to date with the latest evidence based research so that I can bring therapy that is leading-edge.  


What was a pivotal moment of learning for you as a psychologist?  

I have been so fortunate to have completed so much professional development and mentoring throughout my career thus far. Some pivotal moments include completing training with Dr Leah Garritano around Complex trauma and PTSD. Being supervised by many wonderful psychologists. And lastly, realising that I did not have to pigeon-hole myself as a certain “type of Psychologist”; over my years of study I thought that I would have to be a “CBT Therapist” or an “ACT Therapist”. However I now work as an “Eclectic Therapist” where I utilise different therapies and tools to create a treatment plan that is individualised to each client.. because everyone is different and wonderful in their own way! 

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