You can come to see us at Maia Psychological Services for one – on – one, couples and family sessions.  Session are generally 50 minutes on a weekly/fortnightly or monthly basis (depending on your needs).  The first one to two sessions are assessment based to help develop a clear understanding of your current issues and strengths and collaboratively develop a plan forward.  Therapy often lasts for a minimum of 12 sessions and can be longer depending on your requirements.


We know that your family is a dynamic system.  Imbalances in relationships and individual issues can affect the health of the system as a whole.  Family Therapy aims to reduce levels of blame and conflict between your family members by supporting the family to take a big step back and develop a set of values and rituals together to improve the wellbeing of your family as a whole.  Often individuals within your family may require one-on-one sessions to address personal issues.


We know that most of the time you are making an appointment for the child or adolescent in your life whether you be a family member, concerned friend or school.  It is seldom that children and teenagers refer themselves.  Therefore, the most important step at first is to have a good therapeutic relationship with the young person you are concerned about.  We, at Maia Psychological Services, pride ourselves on being able to engage young people and adolescents, even those who are most reluctant. 



We know the child in your life is unique and Maia Psychological Services aims to support parents and caregivers to manage the challenges of raising children while supporting the child to develop socially, emotionally and cognitively.  We can offer home and school visits for behavioural observation and conduct assessments for diagnostic clarity. 



Adolescence can be one of the most challenging life stages to navigate.  Who am I and what is my place in the world are questions high on the agenda (these questions are present at all stages but seems particularly challenging during teenage years).  During the teenage years tension can run high and stress and conflict may appear at every turn.  We can offer one-on-one and family therapy to support teenagers to develop a sense of self and relationship to the world.  Please bear in mind that teenagers are entitled to their privacy.   Information shared in session is not released to family without the teenagers knowledge, unless it is an emergency situation. Maia Psychological Services is passionate about making each person feel safe and supported, with a focus on honesty and trust.

If you or the child, teenager in your life is experiencing one of the following, we can help:


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Exam stress

  • Bullying

  • Aspergers

  • Grief

  • Parental Separation

  • Coping with change


Are you in a relationship where connection, communication and intimacy have been replaced by power struggles?  Or are you a couple coping with significant change? These are the common issues that couples see us for at Maia Psychological Services.  Difficulties in spousal relationships can lead to or exacerbate personal issues (depression, anxiety, anger) and result in other areas of life being greatly affected (work, engagement with the community).  At Maia we aim to support couples to take a big step back, look at the bigger picture, and develop some strategies to improve communication, connection, intimacy and wellbeing while developing coping strategies for the worry, sadness and anger that may arise during power struggles or in states of disconnection.


Are you a FIFO family/ couple?


If so, Mel has specialist experience in working with families / couples facing the challenges of a FIFO relationship.  While the monetary gains are great, you can experience significant difficulties in the constant adjustments required within a fifo arrangement. If you are the stay at home parent/partner, you often have to set up good routines and ways of coping with managing the household on your own.  I often hear clients say, it feels like I am single while my partner is away.  When the FIFO parent/partner returns this all seems to go out the window and can lead to frustration and conflict.  On the other hand, if you are the parent/partner returning home, you feel excluded.  You have worked really hard while you are away and 1. Want to have a break and 2. Want to feel welcome back into your household.  FIFO workers often report they feel when they are home they try to squeeze so much into their break they have not recharged at all.  Our work with FIFO families/couples centres upon rituals for leaving and returning to the household and overall working on connection while together and apart.


When you are browsing the internet for a psychologist things have usually reached a point where you are finding it hard to cope (most people seek help when they are already a long way down a particular street named “struggle”).  While many psychology services list all of the diagnoses they work with we recognise that a label does not define you, it is the impact that experiences  like depression have on your life that is troubling you, and it affects everyone differently.  While we know you are unique we have found some common themes adults come to therapy for:


  • You are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by a very busy lifestyle that feels unsustainable

  • You are in a relationship where connection, communication and intimacy has broken down

  • You are coping with significant change in your life and you are not sure what step to take next.

  • You feel a general sense of meaninglessness in the daily grind and it is getting you down

  • You are suffering so much (eg. from depression, anxiety or grief) that your world is getting smaller and smaller

  • Your life is plagued by self-  limiting beliefs and emotions


We see YOU not a diagnosis however some common diagnoses and issues peopled who see us have received are:


  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Aspergers

  • Anger issues

  • Workplace issues

  • Interpersonal issues

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