24 Feb 2016

Heractlitus famously said “change is the only constant.”  We are surrounded by change in our daily lives.  The rhythm of day and night, a flower growing, the seasons passing and one of our greatest measures of change, the growth of children.  Change is natural, inevitable and part of the beauty of life. 


Despite this, we resist change, we are fearful of change.   To many, change represents death and in a number of ways change is death whether this be literally (the passing of a loved one)  or metaphorically (death of a relationship, of a role in a job etc).   Therefore we fear change as we would fear death itself.   


This fear can lead to unhelpful habits of avoidance (filling our lives up to cope with emptiness, drinking, taking drugs and seeking out pleasurable activities at the avoidance of the pain) or struggle and control (trying to stop change by controlling others or events).  Change can challenge us in more ways than we ever imagined...

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